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Instagram Link Stickers: How To Use And Drive More Traffic

Instagram Link Stickers How To Use And Drive More Traffic

Instagram link stickers are an interactive option available to every Instagram user. You can add them to your stories and shall increase the conversion rates for your pages. You can also start to buy Instagram story views to advance your engagement instantly as a brand. It’s a new addition to Instagram that creates impressive results for creators and marketers. In recent times, Instagram link stickers are rolling out to all the users for those even with less number of followers. Are you thinking about using Instagram link stickers efficiently on your stories?

In this article, let’s see how effectively we can use Instagram link stickers in step by step process,

Let’s get started!

What Are Instagram Link Stickers?

The Instagram link sticker is a simple feature that will appear on your screen while posting your stories. It replaces the swipe feature and allows users to add external links to the story. You can tap on the link icon and shall choose any domain against a white background. It is easy to modify with its dimensions, colors, fonts, etc. As once included, your viewers can access the URL and shall visit the pages. Even marketers can keep a count on the viewers of the link using Instagram analytics.

Easy Steps To Include Link Stickers To Stories

Don’t get panic! It is easy to use. Have a trial once, and then you can get started using Instagram link stickers to your stories.

Step 1: Open your Instagram app. Tap “ Your story ” in the top left corner of the Instagram app.

Step 2: Capture or upload a picture or content to your story. Then, click on the sticker icon on the top right of the screen. You can have various options on the sticker menu. Now click on the blue-colored “link” option.

Step 3: It will open up to a new column where you can add your link. Now, it will appear on your Instagram stories. You can position it anywhere on the picture as you want.

Effective Ways To Drive More Traffic Using Instagram Link Stickers


Customization is essential to highlight your link stickers to the audience. By tapping the link sticker, you can change the color and style, and also, you can adjust its size according to the space on the picture. You can drag to expand or minimize the link sticker. You can choose any style or color you need which matches the background style and image.

Long Time Availability:

To make it more engaging, marketers can keep the link live for viewers for a longer time. You can opt for a few interactive ways to drive traffic to your Instagram pages. Tap “share” so that your link sticker will be live for 24 hours. Moreover, save your story to the highlights section so that viewers can visit the link at any time.

Call To Action:

The main idea of using link stickers is to drive traffic by tapping them. At that point, you need to notify the viewers about your link sticker by various other elements. In your story, you can add arrows pointing to the link sticker, or you shall write texts like ‘ Tap here’ near the link. For example, if you promote a perfume product in your story, you can add a line like ‘ Tap the link to stop the stink.’ Is that isn’t quite interesting!

Great Landing Page:

To drive traffic to your Instagram pages putting a link sticker in your story alone will not help. Creating a great, interactive landing page for a link is essential. The viewers will feel happy and share links with other people driving more engagement. With a well-written landing page content in hand, you can increase conversions and drive traffic to your site.

Create A Poll:

Before including your link stickers on your Instagram story, create a poll for the audience and ask them if they want a link attached to your Instagram story. If you get a more positive response of ‘yes,’ you can confidently use Instagram link stickers. At times, your link stickers may not work correctly. Don’t worry! Opt for an alternative! Send the links to the viewers who responded ‘yes’ to your poll.

Wrapping It Up

Similar to other features in the Instagram app, it takes time to use effectively and reach the desired engagement with the audience. So don’t be discouraged at first if you don’t get it right at the initial times. Instead, keep trying and explore the link stickers. Look out for your past analytics before you post your story for the next time. See what is working and not working for your audience, and then use Instagram link stickers. Get traffic with stickering!