St. Peters Graveyard



Here you’ll find tombstones more than three centuries old and the grave of Midshipman Richard Sutherland Dale, the last victim of the war of 1812.  

Midshipman Dale was a twenty year old soldier onboard a fighting ship off the coast of Bermuda.  He was wounded, brought to shore and housed at Stiles House following a leg amputation.  He was compassionately cared for by the people of St. George’s until his death on February 22, 1815.  His parents purchased a large white marble marker for his grave due to the kindness Richard received during his illness. 

Dale was buried with honours at St. Peter’s Church and for many years a ceremony was held at the gravesite on America’s Memorial Day.  Today, the Friends of St. Peter’s sponsor a yearly memorial service and dinner in honor of Midshipman Dale.