400 for the 400th


400 for the 400th

International Student Art Exhibition

What happens when creativity, boundless talent and the sheer thrill of discovery meet, merge and spill out onto paper? This was the question that was placed before our students. They were encouraged to harness their artistic energies to interpret the significance of the longstanding historical and cultural links between Bermuda and Virginia.

The fascinating history of Virginia and Bermuda can be seen in our strong familial connections and fruitful trading partnerships, in our landmark forts and the entwined politics of early seventeenth century settlement and the sublime cultural similarities and intriguing differences that unite and distinguish our countries. The marriage of art and storytelling is a critical feature of work of The St. George’s Foundation and Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. For us art is both artifact and teaching tool and we are pleased that we can partner with the Muscarelle Museum of Art and the ACE Gallery to showcase the role art plays in historical analysis.

400 for the 400th International Student Art Exhibition encouraged students to let loose their keen artistic eyes and to freely interpret their understanding and appreciation of history through the medium of art. In this way their inventive fingerprints and their expanded awareness of the considerable historical and cultural resources that are on the island were given full sway.

Bermuda’s 400th anniversary provides a unique opportunity to display the islands diverse and multifaceted heritage to a global audience. International events like the student art exhibition will serve as a catalyst for visitors to appreciate not only Bermuda’s pink sand and beaches, but to imbibe and celebrate the connections we share with the United States.