World Heritage Education


The St. George’s Foundation is interested in expanding our students’ educational experiences. We want to encourage and support local schools (including Bermuda College) to take a leading role in World Heritage Education, a UNESCO programme that gives young people a chance to learn and engage in the protection of the world’s natural and cultural heritage. It is our operating assumption that World Heritage Sites are ideally positioned to help young people explore diversity, global citizenship and their unfolding sense of place on a global stage. Pride instilled in our students when they contemplate the significance of Bermuda’s distinctive historical heritage is a central ingredient that will expand their sense of what it means to be a Bermudian in a global village.


The website redesign and educational projects ‘A Day in the Life’ and ‘WHS Digital Field Trip’ were made possible by Advocates for Bermuda’s Children(ABC).

ABC grew out of the National committee established for the International Year of the Child (1979).

The objectives established for Advocates for Bermuda’s Children(ABC) included:

  • To continue to promote recognition of the fact that programmes for children should be an integral part of economic and social development plans, with a view to achieving, in both the long and short-term, sustained activities for the benefit of children at the national level
  • To continue to work toward the development of a cultural centre for Bermuda

Though ABC has remained dormant since the early 80s The St. George’s Foundation is pleased to fulfill their objectives and goals. Thanks to ABC we are able to use new media and technology to educate, enrich and empower the next generation with tools to thrive in our complex, multi-ethnic and global community.