World Heritage Centre


Located in the heart of the Town, the World Heritage Centre is a key orientation and resource point for visitors and students of all ages.

Celebrating the mission of the The St. George’s Foundation, The World Heritage Centre is central to the promotion of the Town and Parish of St. George’s.

Lively, interactive histories are told through state-of-the art technology, participatory talks, historical re-enactments, and an ongoing programme of dramatic presentations, cultural activities and special events.

The multi-functional building contains “Gateway to Bermuda” Orientation and Exhibit Gallery on the main floor.  This presents a fascinating history of Bermuda through interpretive and interactive exhibits.  Some of the exhibits in the Interactive Education Centre highlight: The Age of Discovery, Bermuda’s historic links to Jamestown and the first settlers, the wreck of the “Sea Venture”, and the story of Bermuda’s first forts. Upstairs we have three Exhibition rooms.  The central Exhibit room contains mural art work of Emile a. Verpilleux who created several paintings which depict Bermuda’s way of life in the early 19th Century.  We also have a series of paintings by the renowned Bermudian artist, Christopher Grimes who has depicted scenes of the first settlers who arrived in Bermuda on the shipwrecked “Sea Venture”.  In addition, we have a theatre room where you can sit back and enjoy a short film “A Stroll through St. George’s”.

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The World Heritage Centre is open to the public Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Admission fee is $5.00 (adults), $2.00 (children).