Discover St. George’s


St. George’s, Bermuda, is the first English town of the British Empire following the beginning of overseas settlement in the early 1600s.  Predating the conversion of James Fort, Virginia to Jamestown by seven years, St. George’s has retained much of its early street plan and many of its masonry buildings.

One of two towns in Bermuda that never developed beyond an incipient village, St. George’s has remained a living town.  The streets and buildings of St. George’s reflect its intriguing past and the Town’s built heritage is without equal as an example of the early stages of English expansion throughout the world in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The fortifications associated with the Town of St. George’s are also without parallel and represent almost the complete range of British overseas coastal fortification and artillery from the early 17th century until the end of coastal defence in 1956.  In the context of the whole of Bermuda, which has more than 90 military sites, the fortifications at St. George account for almost a third of this heritage repository.

– Excerpts taken from the“Nomination of the Historic Town of St. George and Related Fortifications at Bermuda for inclusion in the World Heritage List, June 1999”