Letter of Support

Download: Letter of Support – 11 March 2008





The St. George’s Foundation Capital Campaign



I/We want to be part of the campaign to ensure that The St. George’s Foundation successfully implements the St. George’s Town Heritage Plan.


Therefore I/we pledge to the St. George’s Foundation campaign a total of: $__________________, of which $ _________ is enclosed.  The balance will be paid as follows:


$ _____________ Date:_____________

$ _____________ Date:_____________

$ _____________ Date:_____________

$ _____________ Date:_____________

$ _____________ Date:_____________


I/We understand that this pledge may be paid in cash, securities, and/or other real property, and if necessary, may be completed through my/our estate.


My/Our pledge to The St. George’s Foundation campaign is:

___  Unrestricted:

___  Is designated as follows: ________________________________________


___ In addition to my campaign pledge my annual membership gift will be $ _______


___ In addition to my/our personal pledge, the gift(s) will be matched by:

________________________________________, a matching gift company.


___ In addition to my/our outright gift as indicated above, I/we propose to make an estate gift to The St. George’s Foundation as follows:


Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________

(As you wish entry to appear in the Annual Report and formal listings)

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________

Parish and Postal Code:__________________________  Phone Number: __________________

Signature(s):___________________________________  Date:___________________________


Please make checks payable toThe St. George’s Foundation Capital Campaign


The St. George’s Foundation is a Bermuda Registered Charity #454 and is eligible for U.S. Tax Deductible donations through the International Charitable Fund of Bermuda.

A Bermuda Registered Charity – P.O. Box GE 58 – St. George’s GE BX, Bermuda

Tel: 441-297-8043 – Fax: 441-297-2479

E-mail: director@sgf.bm   Website: www.stgeorgesfoundation.org