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St. George’s is a truly magical and very special place, quite unlike any other, with a charm and character all its own. It has been of tremendous historical and military significance to Bermuda, the United States and to the British Isles, for nearly 400 years.

The oldest continuously inhabited town of English speaking origin in the western hemisphere, St. George’s is remarkably well preserved with architecture and streets representing nearly four centuries of history. It boasts the oldest continuously functioning Anglican church in the western hemisphere, and has the oldest English parliament building anywhere outside the British Isles. It is a living museum, offering a rich, cultural resource accessible to all as a place to visit, but also in which to live, work and do business.

St. George’s is a priceless living legacy for our children and for our children’s children.

Bermuda’s Pride, a Global Treasure

St. George’s is the Town where Bermuda began. With the potential to become a significant world tourism destination, it is also set to play a pivotal role in Bermuda’s future.

In 1995, recognising the tremendous historical significance of their Town, and wishing to determine its future direction, the Corporation of St. George’s, with the involvement of the local community, began a broad-based strategic planning process which culminated in The St. George’s Town Heritage Plan: “Bringing History to Life.” This ambitious and exciting vision for the future focused on restoring and preserving the unique history and heritage of St. George’s and on developing the Town as a prominent world visitor destination while, crucially, balancing this aspiration with the needs of the local community.

The Town of St. George presents a unique opportunity for people to learn and experience Bermuda’s culture, traditions and heritage both today, and for generations to come.  With your support everyone can:

Experience the magic of St. George’s and the opportunity to make St. George’s a major world visitor attraction by promoting it as a truly unique destination. Its consideration for World Heritage status from UNESCO gives St. George’s significant global recognition.

Appreciate the magic of St. George’s by increasing educational opportunity and creating a first-class Heritage/Visitor Centre. The Centre is far more than an orientation point for visitors, it is a key educational resource for Bermuda’s schoolchildren as well as for those visiting the Town from elsewhere on the Island or from overseas. It is a true Heritage Centre, containing comprehensive histories of all aspects of the Town told through state of-the-art interactive technology, and through participatory talks and tours, historical re-enactments, an on-going programme of dramatic presentations and other cultural activities and events arranged throughout the year within the Town. Each of these activities bring the history of St. George’s and of Bermuda’s people vividly to life.

Feel the magic of St. George’s through the transformation of its waterfront and harbour which will create the opportunity to enjoy new waterside restaurants, retail and leisure attractions, and enable more people to visit by boat and to take part in a greater range of water-sports and activities.

Develop the magic of St. George’s through new business opportunities. As visitor numbers grow, so will further opportunities for specialist and niche retailing, and the development of new services, recreational facilities and activities for the Town’s visitors and residents.

Invest In The Magic of St. George’s to make our Vision come to life, we need to raise in the region of $20 million over the next 12 years. The Foundation, working in partnership with the Corporation of St. George’s and the Bermuda Government, is charged with raising these funds.

So far, thanks to the generosity of several local and international businesses, local residents, the Corporation and the Government, significant changes have been made to St. George’s to enhance the appearance of this historic Town. Several historic lanes have been stripped of tarmac and set with paving stones, unsightly overhead utility lines have been placed underground, period lighting has been installed, and shade trees planted. This small beginning has made a considerable difference to the Town’s appearance, but there is so much more to be done.