Campaign Summary


In February 1995, the Corporation of St. George’s embarked on a strategic process to strengthen the economic base of the Town and to continue the preservation of its historical legacy. This ambitious and exciting vision for the future focused on restoring and preserving the unique history and heritage of St. George’s and on developing the Town as a prominent world visitor destination while, crucially, balancing this aspiration with the needs of the local community. The St. George’s Foundation was created to ensure that the necessary funds are raised to make the Vision a reality before the 400th anniversary of the wreck of the Sea Venture in 2009.

The Campaign for St. George’s has set a goal of $20 million.

So far, thanks to the generosity of several local and international businesses, local residents, the Corporation and the Government, significant changes have been made to enhance the appearance of this historic Town. Several historic lanes have been stripped of tarmac and set with paving stones, unsightly overhead utility lines have been placed underground, period lighting has been installed, and shade trees planted. This small beginning has made a considerable difference to the Town’s appearance, but there is so much more to be done.

The four key campaign objectives follow.

CREATING THE WORLD HERITAGE CENTRE.  Designed to be the true focal point of the Town, the WHC is vividly ‘bringing the history of St. George’s and Bermuda to life.’  This premier educational resource center will house an audio-visual centre, teaching rooms, and historically themed book and gift shop.  The facility will also feature historical re-enactments, cultural events, community programs, visitor information, and walking and docent tours.  

The Centre is set to be a significant educational resource for residents and visitors alike. $10 MILLION

RESTORATION OF TOWN STREETS. Working with the Government, the Corporation of St. George’s and the utility companies, the Foundation is raising funds to improve and enhance the appearance of some of the Town’s most historic lanes and alleys by under grounding utility lines, installing period street lighting, laying attractive brick paving stones, and introducing landscaping and shade planting. Completed restoration projects include: Barber’s Alley, Customs House Square, Featherbed Alley, Pilot Darrell’s Square, Pound Alley, Smith’s Garden, Taylor’s Alley, Water Street, Blacksmith’s Hill and a section of Penno’s Drive. $6.25 MILLION

WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENT. The intention is to open up the waterfront by creating pedestrian access along the full length of the harbourfront, introducing extended quays and improved docking facilities, developing new opportunities for waterfront restaurants and retail attractions, providing a venue for local artists, craftspeople and entertainers to showcase their talents, and encouraging a greater variety of water sports and recreational activities. $1.75 MILLION

REVOLVING/ENDOWMENT FUND. This will enable the Foundation to purchase and restore historic properties, which will then be sold, covered by strict covenants, to ensure their long-term care and protection. $2 MILLION

The total campaign goal is $20,000,000. As of 7th March 2008, $8,927,290 has been raised in gifts and pledges. The St. George’s Foundation is inviting everyone to join in partnership to ensure the success of Bermuda’s World Heritage site and most importantly that the World Heritage Centre will become the community’s focal point for understanding Bermuda’s early history and culture.

For more information please contact Gayle Evans, Capital Campaign Coordinator,

Thank you for your time and consideration.