RIP It (Research, Interpret and Present It)

RIP It, The St. George’s Foundation’s signature educational program,  provides hands-on socially contextualized learning experiences by promoting the collection, interpretation and presentation of St. George’s & Bermuda’s history using primary sources. Through student programs and teacher workshops, participants:

  • Increase knowledge of Bermudian history
  • Develop and hone their research skills using a variety of local primary resources
  • Use history to improve language arts, performing arts, design & technology skills
  • Develop different presentation styles (written, oral, visual)
  • Develop interview & analytical skills

RIP It 2011: ‘Bringing History to Life’ with Food

Learn why dishes like codfish and potatoes, cassava pie, fish chowder, and ginger beer are staples of Bermudian cuisine. This year we visited a local farm, watched cooking demonstrations from a professional chef, sampled fare from several local eateries, and prepared authentic and newly created dishes.

Students aged 9-15 learned the history of traditional Bermudian cuisine and prepared recipes from the 17th through the 20th centuries while creating new dishes that were featured in an online cooking segment and a bound student cookbook.

RIP It 2010: ‘Bringing History to Life’ with Film

This year, students became teachers. Each day they began by preparing a lesson plan/script and ended each session by Blogging about the days journey. They choose where we visited, who we spoke with, and how we presented Bermuda to the world. Each participant created a short video featuring a different aspect of our World Heritage Site ‘The Historic Town of St. George and its Related Fortifications.

View Videos and Blog Here!

RIP IT 2009: ‘Bringing History to Life’ with Photography

In recognition of Bermuda’s 400th anniversary students explored St. George’s, the place where past and present meet, by land, sea, and horse & carriage.

Students made a personal photographic diary commemorating four centuries of settlement and each participants received a digital camera, memory card, and keepsake photographic journal. They also lent their voice to the historical record as they recorded their observations in a Blog featured on our website.

View the blog here and see what we did!

2009 International Student Art Exhibition

As a complement to the 2008 RIP It with Art summer program The St. George’s Foundation, Masterworks Foundation, Ace Gallery and the Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William & Mary sponsored an international student art showcase.

Students in Bermuda submitted historical entries depicting life in 1609.  The traveling exhibit was on display April-December 2009 at the Ace Gallery, The World Heritage Centre, and the Muscarelle Museum of Art.

RIP IT 2008 – ‘Bring History to Life’ with Art

In 2008 The St. George’s Foundation in collaboration with Masterworks Foundation launched a series of historical art programs.

TSGF’s RIP It and Masterworks’ Artsmart both use art to understand and contextualize Bermuda’s history and culture.  Art is often displayed as artifact in museums and historical societies and it is through this prism students learn important details about the history of St. George’s and some of its most significant structures.

“Bringing History to LIfe with Art” is a weeklong summer program that combine elements from RIP It and Artsmart.

Students learned to view art (including photographs) as a primary source and their role in our understanding of Bermuda’s past and present. Students also learned to contextualize visual images through comparison and contrast, site visits, sketching and photography while strengthening their analytical, writing and technology skills through Blogging.

View the blog here