WHC Rental Terms


The World Heritage Centre (WHC) is an 1860’s building, which has undergone careful and extensive restoration for use as an educational history centre for Bermudians.  The WHC is to be treated with utmost care and respect during all events.

-1.  The rental fee for the use of the WHC is $2000 for an event of five hours.  All events must end by midnight.  A $1000 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm an event booking.  Full payment of the balance is required and due three weeks before the event.  

-2.  Prior to an event, a tenant is required to provide the name and contact phone numbers of a designated representative who will remain on site during the event and liaise with The St. George’s Foundation (TSGF) representatives.  

-3.  For evening events, the WHC is available from 4 pm, unless an earlier set up time has been requested and approved by TSGF.   Parking for guests is available at Tiger Bay.  Parking is not permitted in front of the doors of the WHC.

-4.  Smoking inside the WHC is unlawful and is not permitted. 

-5.  No drugs or illicit substances are to be consumed inside the WHC or outside on the WHC Plaza.   

-6.  No animals allowed on the premises. 

-7.  The Orientation and Exhibit Gallery will be closed during catered events.

-8.  The Elevator is for passengers only.  Tables and chairs for the upper floor are to be brought into the WHC via the patio gate at the eastern side of the WHC.

-9.  Lighting and temperature to be adjusted by TSGF representatives only. 

-10.  All materials/equipment belonging to the caterer/bartenders/DJ/wedding decorator and/or planner are to be removed immediately after the event.  The WHC is open Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm and must be ready to open for business on the day after an event.  TSGF is not responsible for vetting the delivery and pick up of any items associated with the event.  TSGF is not responsible for any items left on the property at anytime before, during or following the event.  

-11.  Caterers/bartenders and other staff members are to be advised to monitor and quickly clean up any spillage of food/ drink throughout the building, especially on the 2nd floor where spills can seep through hardwood floor seams.  Tenants and caterers are responsible for kitchen clean up, carrying away and disposal of all trash (food /bottles/ paper and plastic goods used in food and beverage services).  If the caterer is not manning the bar, then that bar service group is responsible for clean up, carrying away and disposal of bottles/trash/paper items used in bar services.  A fee of $500 will be charged for failure to properly clear the event area.  

-12.  Any additional trash is to be bagged and placed neatly outside the WHC.

-13.  Any decorations used within the WHC should be carefully attached to walls and beams.  No decorations should be attached to wooden desks, tables etc.  Tenants are responsible for damage caused to the building or its contents.   

-14.  The Corian countertops on the Welcome Desk and Retail Desk located on the ground floor should be covered if items are placed on them.   Persons should not sit or stand on the Corian desk counters. 

-15. Tenants are responsible for all property damage incurred during the event.  Damages noted during the event will be reviewed with your assigned representative/event organiser.   Repair charges will be assessed and charged accordingly.   

-16. To facilitate access to the WHC during and after operating hours, a time schedule of the event should be provided to TSGF.  Please provide the names and phone numbers of the primary groups organizing and working during your event (caterer, wedding planner, decorator). 


A Sample Schedule is as follows:

Event:  Wedding Reception 

Date/Time:  March 15, 2008


5pm  Caterer arrives.  (Name and phone)

6pm  DJ arrives (Name and Phone)

7pm  Guests arrive

7pm – 8 pm  Cocktail Reception

8pm- 9:30pm  Dinner

10 pm    Dancing

11:30 pm    Event ends.


Additional Access requests outside of event time:

Noon, March 15   Delivery of flowers

3 pm, March 15   Delivery of tables and chairs, delivery of beverages/bar 


Delivery of items should occur during the opening hours of the WHC whenever possible.  Please advise your SGF representative of the delivery schedules.