Students discover St. George’s is full of eastern promise!

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Mid Ocean News, August 7, 2008

A TEAM of students spent last week discovering how art can bring history to life courtesy of a workshop organised by Masterworks and the St. George’s Foundation. As part of the programme, kids travelled to various locations in St. George’s to gain a better appreciation of “the stories behind the pictures and the history that makes the picture live”. Organisers hailed the scheme a success, explaining that it exposed children between the ages of eight and 12 to the significant role art plays in historical and cultural events on the island. “It is a pleasure for Masterworks to partner with another organisation such as the St. George’s Foundation that also strives to provide innovative educational programmes for the community,” said Masterworks’ education coordinator Carrie Zenti. “This four-day workshop is a unique opportunity to investigate a few select works of art from the Bermuda-inspired collection – in a greater historical context provided by Mrs. Burchall – that are particular to St. George’s, dating back to 1821. Students are able to walk the same steps that select artists did, such as Bermuda’s own Catherine Tucker on Water Street in 1934, and then spend time capturing their own original impressions of the same location in their sketchbooks.”

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